Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

To Do Crafts With A Mason Jar?

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It was not long ago that Mason jars were exclusively used for storing foods but it is not the case anymore because most of the DIY crafts are centred around Mason jars.

Since crafts are amazing and creativity is the most important thing required for better crafts works, therefore, one must require to be skilled and use the right kinds of products to make the craft visually better.

Indeed, there a wide range of ideas present that can make crafts with a mason jar more exciting and interesting so let’s look at some of the best ideas you can experiment on a Mason Jar.

Piggy Bank

If you are some who like to be creative and also save some money at the same time then  Mason Jar Piggy Bank is the right one for you. It doesn’t require to have plenty of skills to make a Piggy Bank, all you need is  Mason jar and some coins and in addition to that,you can decorate the walls of the jar.

Mason Jar Candle 

It can be one of the best crafts with a mason jar to start. Although it requires a bit of skill especially preparing the candle. You can add essential oils to spice up things and can place the candle on the jar directly.

Salad Jar

Salad Jars can be amazing ideas crafts for Mason Jars as it will let you store your favourite salads. But don’t forget to refrigerate your salads so that you can use it for a long period.

Mason Jar Soap Pump

Soap Pump can be another brilliant mason jar craft as you can fill the jars with custom-made soaps. But make sure you use organic soaps as chemicals filled soaps are unsafe for health.


These are the best ideas crafts with a mason jar that you can try right now. So we hope you liked our article about it.

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