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How To Organize Your Garage In Simple Steps – Home and Garden

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How To Organize Your Garage In Simple Steps – Home and Garden

Get a clean organized garage for a car, garage sale or stay organized. This article is meant to guide a person to clean and organize the garage. People often put possessions inside for storage and to avoid taking up space inside the homes. These items can be anything from old toys, gardening tools, or extra-large items taking too much space in the garage. Follow these quick and easy steps in order to organize the garage.

The idea of cleaning up a garage can appear overwhelming but with time set aside and the right utensils, a project of cleaning a garage may be done within a few days.

Items Needed

First to clean and organize the garage some supplies are needed. An item such as gloves to wear on the hands during the process is important. Other items to buy if not around the house can be paper towels, cleaning supplies and plastic storage bins. If a person is also hosting a garage sale, then items such as price tags are also a crucial item.


Once the cleaning and storage items are ready for cleaning and organizing the garage, the next step is to begin the process. Sort items into piles; need, unneeded, and recycle. If not hosting a garage sale skip the step of a sell pile. An example of what to put in the need pile would be things that a person would absolutely need to keep such as wedding photos, scrapbooks, and camping equipment. Unneeded items could be things such as torn clothing items that can no longer be worn or donated to charity. Recycled items may be things such as gently used toys, baby clothes or old bicycles.


After the piles are sorted begin the rest of the process to clean and organize the garage. Many garages have things to be hung up, try investing in some nails or a hanging rack. Hanging up things such as brooms, shovels, rakes, bikes or folding chairs is a great way to give the garage space.

Aside from hanging large items, the next step will be to go through and organize the ‘keep’ pile. After gathering the keep items place them in to the small or large storage bins. Use the label maker to place labels on storage bins to keep organized and be able to locate items in the future with ease.

It is very easy to clean and organize the garage in a few steps. It is important to remember to keep hydrated and take frequent breaks during this process to avoid becoming overheated. Be sure to take time and get the project done; once it is complete the garage will feel organized.

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